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Safety is Job One at RockSteady.

We focus on drywall safety every day and do our very best to deliver to our customers the highest quality product and value while maintaining top-notch customer service.

RockSteady is founded and governed on an uncomplicated principle  "do the right thing".

Please contact us if you have any suggestions or comments. Constant improvement of our products, production and processes is what we strive for and your feedback is very important to us.



RockSteady® People-Planet-Profits

Social and Economic Impact

The core of RockSteady, LLC is founded on integrity and high ethical standards. Every member of our team is expected to perform their job with honesty and good judgment. We are committed to ethical and legal compliance as a company standard.

We take social responsibility to heart and look for ways to donate time and money to organizations that specifically “help people to help themselves”. We believe in a giving standard that encompasses the local community as well as our global community.


Fair Wage and Diversity

The RockSteady® Clip is made in the U.S.A.

We provide jobs that pay a fair wage aligning with the external market. Our working environment is safe, healthy and humane.

We believe fostering a stable and productive workforce benefits our customers in many ways.

Reducing employee turnover and absenteeism lowers recruitment and training costs while increasing productivity and morale.

As a performance based company we offer equal opportunities for all who perform.

At RockSteady, LLC we believe diversity is an attribute that makes an individual unique. We seek and value diversity in our workforce. Our belief is that a company rich in diversity makes for a strong team.

We comply with all applicable laws and requirements.



At RockSteady LLC, we think about environmental impact as just a normal part of doing business. Balancing a profitable company with sustainable goals makes good sense.

Energy consumption is a significant area of focus for us and we conserve and reduce our impact on a continuing basis. This includes the manufacturing and shipping end of our supply chain.

Every item considered for use or purchase is examined with our own checklist for its overall impact.

We aim to be as paperless as possible. When paper is required, recycled paper is our standard. Where practical, we telecommute or teleconference to further reduce energy usage.

We strive to use resources responsibly, eliminate waste and further reduce our carbon footprint.




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