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The RockSteady® Clip is proudly and purposefully made here in the Susquehanna Valley of  Pennsylvania - a region rich in manufacturing expertise and quality – and home to many conscientious, hard-working people.

We are often asked, “have you thought about having your product made off-shore"? Sure we’ve thought about it…but it just doesn’t make sense to us.


American Ingenuity – that’s how the RockSteady® Clip was invented. We feel very fortunate to live in the land of opportunity and can-do spirit. We are hands on from product inception and design – through manufacture and assembly. How do you do that "off-shore"? Producing the clip in the United States provides jobs in manufacturing, logistics, distribution and many more. It may be a small contribution in the grand scheme of things, but it feels like the right thing to do.


There is a renaissance in this country, an awakening to the importance of making things here, we are proud to be a tiny part of that and believe the decision is reflected in the quality and value of each RockSteady® Clip.





"American Maker" is a 1961 movie trailer sponsored by Chevrolet and shown to drive-in movie goers before the feature film.

The narrator begins: “Of all things Americans are.....we are makers. With our strengths and our minds and spirit, we gather, we form and we fashion.....makers and shapers and put-it-togetherers.”

Equal parts innovation and inspiration, this trailer is a nostalgic gem. It captures a moment in time when the indomitable spirit of American ingenuity was at a fever pitch. Here's a salute to makers past and present!


Why we make the RockSteady® Clip here.


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